[asterisk-dev] CallerID issue using DTMF on 1.2

Stelios Koroneos skoroneos at digital-opsis.com
Mon Dec 28 11:36:42 CST 2009

> This sounds a lot like an asterisk-users list type of problem.  I find
> it odd that you don't get any of the digits at all in the noop.  Make
> sure you have cidsignalling set to dtmf in zapata.conf for that line.
> You should pursue this further on the asterisk-users list.

cidsignalling is set correctly, and  i don't think config settings can
change the issue.
The problem looks a lot like this
(the Indian callerid)

It has to do with the way asterisk handles the dtmf caller id in 1.2.
As stated "The default asterisk does not detect the caller id in India.
Its a DTMF based system here, where the caller id is sent after the
first ring", which is what the device is also sending in my case.

The issue should be solved in 1.6 as the changes mentioned where merged
in 1.6 alpha but not in 1.2

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