[asterisk-dev] Peer matching architecture

Nick Lewis Nick.Lewis at atltelecom.com
Mon Dec 21 06:35:27 CST 2009

>It's way more clean and much easier to explain.

Too scary - There is no need to panic anyone - the new peer types are in
addition to the existing ones. Use of the new types will increase over
time as the lists fill with "Q: I am having so and so problem connecting
to my service provider" "A: This problem can be resolved by changing the
setting type=peer to type=service"

(Years down the line someone will notice that there are some strange
peer types such as user/peer/friend littering the code in addition to
the normal types. They will ask what these strange types are for. The
grey haired will give a history lesson of chan_sip.c while the new blood
will be busily deleting this crud)

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