[asterisk-dev] Peer matching architecture

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Thu Dec 17 01:28:56 CST 2009

SIP lovers out there!

I am still afraid of changing the peer matching too much and what it could cause. Therefore I suggest the following:

- We add a new config option "newdevicematching=yes" and make it default to "no" for the next release. Then remove it a release after that, since it's no longer "new" :-)

- If it's set to "yes", we add a few new options

   - type=service that implements the callbackexten stuff properly and deprecates register=
   - type=proxy that implements the stuff I have with matchrules
and maybe somewhere in the future
	- type=trunk that matches on domains
        - type=phone that replaces the user/peer stuff for phones (and matches on both username and domain)

We have most of the code for the first two types and I don't think it's hard to get the last two types working properly and get it tested.

This way, we don't mess with the old "peer", "user" and "friend" at all. Overloading those with new functions has proven a bad thing (like callbackexten). These definitions would still work as expected, just don't exist in the sample config any more.



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