[asterisk-dev] Default audiohook inheritance

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Tue Dec 15 13:44:51 CST 2009

On 12/14/2009 02:50 PM, Mark Michelson wrote:
> As a consumer of the Asterisk users mailing list, I have to agree that most
> people seem to expect that audiohooks will remain active after a masquerade. It
> seems odd that someone would have to seek out the AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT function in
> order to get the behavior one expects, especially since the term "audiohook" is
> not in the typical Asterisk user's lexicon.
> The reason why this functionality was originally written this way was to disrupt
> existing systems as little as possible. One thing we've been dragged over the
> coals for is causing subtle or not-so-subtle behavior changes when someone
> performs an upgrade.
> My stance on this is that such a change in trunk would be welcome, but changing
> this in released versions (and the soon-to-be-released 1.6.2) is not a good
> idea. If an appropriate notice were placed in UPGRADE.txt about the change, I
> think most people would find the change welcome. I think you're right that the
> times when audiohooks should *not* be inherited are the edge cases.

I am in agreement with Mark on this matter.

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