[asterisk-dev] TDMOE protocol

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This new process was designed to
increase the efficiency of TDMoE allowing for high-density telephony
applications. protocol can be applicable to
other physical layers.

TDM interfaces uses zaptel or dahdi drivers. to break up their serial stream in to chunks (frames) that represent
channels. These channels are in turn brought in to IP enabled PBX for the
telephony operators usage.

for example in E1 line it has 32 channels and can be use 30 channels through one E1 by using one physical line.E1 is the popular in ASIA /EUROPE and thease countries.


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I'm new to the list, a greeting to all ;-). I'm "playing" with the 
protocol TDMoE but do not quite understand the operation, so I venture 
to send an email to the list to see if someone can help me ;-) I hope 
not to bother. I understand that the protocol is on the MAC layer, so 
the structure will be MAC (Ethernet Header) + TDMoE. I do not understand 
quite well if structure and least TDMoE anyone can help me? Any "frame" 
of example on TDMoE?. Thank you very much and hope for the following 
times to help with anything ;-).


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