[asterisk-dev] Asterisk Caller ID Pop Using Dial Event in 5038 manager port.

Dulip Ravindra duliprb2005 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 13 00:31:18 CST 2009

Hi All , 

I have developped callerid popup software by listning [5038] manager port by Using C# software. so I tried to use manager data to
trace caller id of specify extension. In my setup i am using manager
event name "Dial". so after developped that software I traced that
"Dial" event is not generating always when it dials to the extenions in
the queue.but in 75 times its success for 100. my traced data sample

Event : Dial
Context : From-Internal 
Destination : SIP/212-sdaweeer
CallerID : 777000000
CallerIDnum :  777000000
Srcuniqueid : 213213213.00
Destuniqueid : 2132132132.01 

like this. .. so I want to generate Dial event always when it dials to
the extension through the queue with callerid number that comes from
the out side.How I want to change my dial plan to achieve this goal.

if not I saw in SIP DEBUG details there is a sip headers. But I don't
know how it can be monitored through manager port. if there is any
systems to do thease task I am very appriciated. 

bye bye.   

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