Dulip Ravindra duliprb2005 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 10 07:43:34 CST 2009

Hi ,

I tried to get ZAPTEL caller ID by listning 5038 port and I received many data from that contains Asterisk CLI messages. So I want to trace a caller ID from this. 

I saw there is a two things Srcuniqueid , Destuniqueid,CallerID. but some times it contains local sip channel number

to get correct caller id where ever I am if I was a queue or if I am on ring groups what is the easiest way to get asterisk caller ID by listning 5038 manager port.

If any one can provide me a Combiation of thease things it is more than enough. 

Thank you. I am appriciating if any one give idea.   

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