[asterisk-dev] What's the verdict on the new release plan?

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Fri Dec 4 01:36:42 CST 2009

We have heard multiple times that the release plan that incorporates 1.8 is not decided yet. Now Kevin writes on the Asterisk blog that res_fax will be included in 1.8, which officially doesn't exist yet.

Russell, it's time to make a closure here and make a decision. You made a half-proposal, I added to it and asked for a full document and that hasn't arrived and we've no conclusion as far as I know. I might have missed something in the enormous information flow, but the last discussion was about the Astricon event , where it was stated clearly that no decision had been made.

I really want the 1.8 LTS to happen. Let's make it official. If we are going down that direction, I have a large todo list for that release and need to plan. As long as we have the current policy, it doesn't really matter for me when new features are included, since almost none of my customers bother with 1.6.x. The 1.8 LTS plan will change that and Asterisk will stay in the game.

I haven't seen or heard any negative comments from the community, which is a good thing.


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