[asterisk-dev] Meetme AMI actions

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Wed Dec 2 14:33:15 CST 2009

> Event: MeetmeListMembers
> Meetme: 1000
> Usernum: 1
> Channel: SIP/test01-00000000
> Uniqueid: 1259609423.0
> CallerIDnum: test01
> CallerIDname: Olle
> Duration: 84
> Admin: No
> Muted: No
> ActionID: 12391247923874-234

> Event: MeetmeListConfComplete
> ListItems: 1
> ActionID: 12391247923874-234

I'd suggest that the response contain the same fields as
the CLI commands 'meetme list <conf>' or 'meetme list <conf>

For 1.4 you seem to be missing fields for Monitor_only and istalking.
1.6 has those as well as a new 'Requests floor' field.

I parse the output of the 'meetme list <conf> concise' for the 
Web-MeetMe suite and would likely rewrite the parser to support
these commands/results once merged.


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