[asterisk-dev] SIP URI checking in chan_sip.c

Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson kkm at adaptiveai.com
Tue Dec 1 19:59:48 CST 2009

On 091201 0332, Olle E. Johansson wrote:
> THanks for your detailed report. Please open a ticket and add the
> reference to the e-mail there.

Will do. When that's fixed on the trunk, do you think there could be a 
fix for 1.6.1.x also?

> Under no circumstances should we have hanging channels like this,
> regardless of URI.
> It's hard to get all the syntax notes in the RFC, but it seems like
> the username part would allow a space if it's URI escaped, like %20.
> Not as a space though. Please don't take this as a reference, it's
> hard work finding out what the ABNF ends up with... :-)

Here's from my notes while I read the RFC, if that helps (brackets are
metacharacters denoting a set):

Besides alphanumerics and generally unreserved characters [-_.!~*()'],
(referred to as `mark' characters in the syntax), the following set is
also valid for a username: [&=+$,;?/] (called `user-unreserved').
Everything else must be escaped as "%" HEXDIG HEXDIG

Thanks for the explanation of the pedantic option in another message, btw.


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