[asterisk-dev] Can asterisk PRI/BRI support redirect calls

Alec Davis sivad.a at paradise.net.nz
Tue Dec 1 12:46:46 CST 2009

As chan_capi supports ECT transfers, is it possbile to use chan_capi on top
of dahdi, on one of the following cards TE110P, B410P, or an AVM FRITZ
passive BRI card.

The reason for the question, is to verify that our Jtec equipment is going
to support EuroISDN ECT, when support is complete, the effort may be futile,
at least from our point of view, others of course may have a different view.

An ISDN butt phone, might be the easiest test - don't have one :(

I'm not sure whether I've asked before, is there a scheduled time frame for
EuroISDN ECT to be implemented?

Alec Davis

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> Thanks, re 2BCT or ECT... 
> But back to redirected calls, I checked again last night, with a 
> non-qsig setup, into a TE110P, without answering the call, just used 
> DAHDISendCallreroutingFacility(), and it failed.
> So, I guess the Jtec doesn't like something in the ETSI facility 
> message :(
> Do 2 Asterisk boxes back to back (one as pri_net, the other as 
> pri_cpe), switchtype=EuroISDN work for redirected calls?

The latest code will work (Asterisk and libpri).  That's how I tested call
deflection for the supported switch types (ETSI PTP, ETSI PTMP, Q.SIG).


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