[asterisk-dev] Google Summer of Code 2009

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Thu Apr 23 13:21:56 CDT 2009


As previously announced, the Asterisk project was accepted for
participation in the Google Summer of Code program for this Summer.
Since I last posted about the program, students have applied,
applications have been reviewed, and the accepted students have been

The Asterisk project received quite a few high quality applications.  In
the end, our project was granted 4 slots.  Here are the students and
what projects they will be working on:


Student: Brett Bryant
Mentor:  Russell Bryant
Project: Data Put Infrastructure

Student: Eliel Sardañons
Mentor:  Tilghman Lesher
Project: Data Get Infrastructure

   The data get/put architecture is an important effort underway to help
improve developer interfaces in Asterisk.  Today, for example, there are
multiple ways to get the list of configured SIP peers in Asterisk.
There is the CLI and the manager interface.  Every module that wants to
expose data over via something like the CLI or manager interface today
must do so by writing specific code for that interface.

   Now, what if we'd like to expose all of this same information over
something like SNMP?  We could go through and implement similar handlers
in every module for every data type again, but instead, we're going to
implement common infrastructure that handles reading/writing
configuration and other run-time data from Asterisk modules in a
structured format.  This will enable us to have more consistent external
interfaces, as well as make it much easier to add new ways to get at
data that Asterisk maintains.


Student: Claude Patry
Mentor:  Mark Michelson
Project: CLI Filtering

   Debugging on a live Asterisk system under any sort of load can be
very difficult.  For a very long time people have wanted to be able to
enable debugging for specific calls and for specific parts of Asterisk.
 This project will be to come up with ways to implement new methods for
the Asterisk CLI that allow administrators to have much more control
over what debugging information they see.  This should make it much
easier to do live debugging.


Student: Giuseppe Sucameli
Mentor:  Luigi Rizzo
Project: Scriptable Asterisk Voicemail

   Asterisk voicemail support has been around for quite a long time.
There has been a desire to be able to have more control over what
features are available and the structure of the menus.  The existing
app_minivm application allows some level of customization.  This project
will be to continue developing enhanced Asterisk voicemail configuration


Congratulations to the students that have been accepted!  I am looking
forward to working with them throughout the Summer.

Russell Bryant
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445 Jan Davis Drive NW - Huntsville, AL 35806 - USA
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