[asterisk-dev] Originate as a dialplan application, and the G() flag in Dial

asterisk-dev at kfife.mailworks.org asterisk-dev at kfife.mailworks.org
Wed Oct 29 15:07:24 CDT 2008

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so please be sure
to redirect me if I'm in error.

1. Originate:
I think there should be a dial plan application equivalent to the CLI
command 'originate'.  Reasoning: The Dial() application and whole the
dial plan itself are of course intended to bridge channels and process
inbound calls.  Naturally any Outbound calling necessarily originates
from some EXTERNAL business logic coming through AMI, call files etc. 
However there are times when a dial plan events needs to trigger a call,
and I can do it using something like system() and “asterisk -rx
originate...” it seems a little kludgy.  So, I’m a little surprised
there's no dial plan equivalent of Originate.  Should there be one?

2. G():
Another way something like this could be handled is using the G() flag
and Dial(), but it is even more kludgy than system(...originate..)
because G() transfers the calling party to priority n and the callING
party to n+1 instead of simply having it handle each leg of the call
discreetly (sort of like D handles each leg discretely, i.e.
D([called][:calling]) etc.)  

I invite anyone to weigh in on the idea of an Originate dial plan
application and the idea of a new (or modified) flag for Dial() which
would allow discreet handling of the called and calling legs without
having to resort to otherwise unnecessary goto's to account for the n,
n+1 behavior.  


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