[asterisk-dev] New license for db?

Sergey Tamkovich serg at voipsolutions.ru
Mon Oct 27 06:07:17 CDT 2008

This won't be too hard, since realtime now supports store and destroy 
methods in addition to select and update,
We could simplify code base and give a choice to an end user if we'll 
change astdb with realtime subsystem.
Maybe i'm missing some points here, but i like an idea of realtime 
instead of astdb very much.

Vasil Kolev пишет:
> В 13:51 -0500 на 26.10.2008 (нд), Russell Bryant написа:
>> ----- Johansson Olle E <oej at edvina.net> wrote:
>>> It seems like Oracle has changed the license for Berkeley DB
>>> http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/berkeley-db/htdocs/oslicense.html
>>> Does this license work for us? Should we upgrade ast_db?
>> If we were going to update astdb, I would rather go with sqlite3.  In
>> fact, most of the work to do this has been done for a long time.  Josh
>> has it sitting in a branch.  I think all that is left is writing a
>> tool to upgrade existing databases, and a final review.
>> If there are reasons to use something else in the upgrade, we should
>> definitely consider them, though.
> How hard would it be to have AstDB use the same mechanism as, for
> example, realtime? Is there a point in two separate database interfaces
> in asterisk, as they will be essentially the same.
> Then you can just share drivers between them and set up for example ODBC
> storage for the astDB and postgresql for the realtime, or SQLite for
> both, etc, etc.
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