[asterisk-dev] dsp programming

Dmitry Andrianov dimas at dataart.com
Tue Oct 21 04:12:45 CDT 2008

I guess you want to detect ringback tone, right?
Asterisk already can do it on Zap (DAHDI) channels - look for callprogress and progzone parameters in the Zapata.conf. (Be aware that progzone can have only five possible values:


check main/dsp.c for details and implementation.

Dmitry Andrianov

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Hi, all
I am new to dsp programming.
can anyone help to detect ring event.
i want to creat new moudule for that in c language.

actually i want to detect ring event on outgoing call .
I set up call through AMI originate, and detect that phone is ringing or not i.e

action: originate
channel: zap/1/666
exten: 667
context: test
priority: 1

when i originate call on 666 , chek that number is ringing or not.

I want to use this facility in autodial feature to detect on ring transfer.

thanks in advance,

Bhrugu Mehta

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