[asterisk-dev] SIP TCP/TLS, release policy and more (personal opinions included)

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Mon Oct 20 10:39:57 CDT 2008

20 okt 2008 kl. 06.15 skrev Kevin P. Fleming:

> I will
> once again ask you to stop stating that the 'SIP channel in 1.6.0 is
> broken'.
I think we're in disagreement there. As you know, I've been heavily  
with the SIP channel during many years. It is important for me to  
myself from this work that I do consider as broken. Even though UDP  
works, the changes are so big inside the SIP channel that I'm still not
convinced that it is up to par with the 1.4 stack. As long as I am not  
of that, I do reserve the right to consider the stack broken. I do know
that you have another opinion, and respect you for that.

Let's work together on fixing this so that I can move my personal
chan_sip marker from "broken" to "working, but not perfect", which is  
state we've had for a long time :-)

I also noted that you did make no comments on the other
proposals and arguments I put forward. Only the inflammatory
statement that I used to wake people up. You made it easy for
yourself by just commenting on that...


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