[asterisk-dev] Asterisk at SIPit23 in Lannion France

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Sun Oct 19 02:42:15 CDT 2008

Kevin and I spent one week at SIPit 23 testing Asterisk 1.4 and trunk/ 
1.6 in a series of test. We also got a lot of time to discuss the  
problems with the TCP/TLS implementation.

- Tests over UDP had no major issues with our SIP compliance. There  
was a couple of problematic issues in 1.6.0/16.1 and trunk code that  
now is fixed. The first day every test with these versions generated  
crashes due to untested or not well thought of changes in the chan_sip  
code. These bugs where fixed quickly and after that things worked very  
well. 1.4 tests were in general boring on our side, while other  
clients, specially those that where still in early development phase,  
had a few more challenges. It felt really good that we've turned the  
situation around and spent more time pointing out errors in other  
implementations than finding signalling errors in our code.

- The TCP implementation worked in some tests, but a code review (as  
seen in the code) revealed a lot of wrong assumptions, bad code and  
got us to agree that this code was integrated prematurely and was in  
general poorly adopted to the SIP standard. We need to do more testing  
and code review to make sure that we still have the same functionality  
in UDP as in the 1.4 version. I believe there's some issues in regards  
to the outbound proxy support that will need changes.

My participation in SIPit was funded by my company, Edvina, and  
Digium. Digium paid all the direct costs and I donated a week of my  
time in order to help the project.
A big thank you to Digium for their support and also for sending Kevin  
for a week. Tt was much more effective being two to discuss issues and  
solve them, we could also run many more tests. Participation in SIPit  
is important both for testing, but also for building a network in the  
SIP industry. It does help the efforts to make Asterisk a much better  
product for everyone.


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