[asterisk-dev] Asterisk XML Documentation (Other XML sources)

Eliel Sardañons eliel at eliel.net
Thu Oct 16 15:10:01 CDT 2008


Right now we are using ASTVARDIR /var/lib/asterisk/ to store the
documentation XML, is this the right place? actually the XML documentation
is not variable data, and we could use /usr/lib/asterisk/documentation to
store there the XMLs (default).

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 4:34 PM, Russell Bryant <russell at digium.com> wrote:

> Eliel Sardañons wrote:
>> Hello list,
>>     I am writing here to get some feedback about how to handle other XML
>> documentation sources like "addons" and other extra files where we could be
>> able to find (application/functions) XML documentation. The idea is to add a
>> configuration context inside asterisk.conf of the form:
>> [documentation]
>> language => en_US
>> source => core
>> source => addons
>> source => anotherextra
>> So, asterisk will search inside PATH/core-en_US.xml, PATH/addons-en_US.xml
>> and PATH/anotherextra-en_US.xml to find the XML documentation when needed.
>> Right now core is being hardcoded inside the code (uggh), with this form
>> we will be able to add as many sources as needed, then in asterisk-addons we
>> will be able (in the make install) to generate the "addons-language.xml"
>> file. And if we added our application from outside the source tree we will
>> be able to create an xml file and just insert the name in asterisk.conf.
> Instead of having anything hard coded like "core", "addons", etc., I
> propose a scheme like the following.  If the documentation language is set
> to en_US, then load documentation from all files that match the following
> patterns:
> DOCDIR/*-en_US.xml
>     Here in the top level directory, we would have the "core" and "addons"
> files.  Basically, this is where the officially distributed documentation
> would go that comes from us.
> DOCDIR/thirdparty/*-en_US.xml
>     This is where additional documentation should be installed.  If someone
> installs a backport of an application that has additional features, or some
> custom modules that add new features, the associated files that contain
> their documentation should be installed here.  For the case that something
> is found in this directory that is a duplicate of something documented in
> the top level documentation directory, this version should be used.
> Using this scheme, we have a way to differentiate between the original
> official documentation, as well as a method for dealing with addons and
> replacements.
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> Russell Bryant
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Eliel Sardañons
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