[asterisk-dev] CSTA - Worth looking at again?

John Todd jtodd at digium.com
Wed Oct 15 20:16:58 CDT 2008

[This has come up a few times over the last 4 years on this list and 
others, but it has never before had enough people look at it who 
understood perhaps what the benefits were, so I drag it out again 
here for your amusement...]

Would a CSTA interface (or in a variant, uaCSTA) be a useful API 
layer for Asterisk?  Would some of the PineMango goals be workable 
with a CSTA method as the "language" portion of the communication? 
Or would it merely be a monolithic module that would talk to the API 
components as a discrete consumer/producer of messages to the various 
components?  I'm largely ignorant of the details of where the API 
discussion would layer into what something like CSTA could offer - 
feel free to say that these two concepts are non-intersecting and 
I'll drop it.

Regardless of CSTA's role in a potential "next-generation" fruit-like 
API project, it still bears examination as a potential interface for 
other Enterprise-ish platforms.  Microsoft's OCS/LCS Platform uses a 
variant of uaCSTA over SIP, as does Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, and 
others(?- need a list).  Of course, I'm not so interested in those 
legacy PBX platforms, but the tools that third-party companies are 
producing to bolt onto them are what sound like has some value. 
Creating a CSTA interface to Asterisk would allow quick grafting of 
"industry standard" tools onto an inexpensive and flexible OSS 


Base page:

Here's an introduction (194kb):

This seems to be some of the documentation (4mb, 767 pages!):

CPAN module for CSTA (incomplete - Phase I only - need Phase III)


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