[asterisk-dev] CDR uniqueid and unattended transfer

Daniel Ferrer daniel at ipcontact.com.uy
Tue Oct 14 09:11:47 CDT 2008

Hi all,
Based on the assumption that uniqueid is unique across a channel (I 
cannot get 2 CDRs with same 'channel' and 'uniqueid' fields), I think 
there's a bug in 1.4.22.

When doing an unnattended transfer (res_features.so), I get 2 cdr's with 
same uniqueid and same channel name. Same but a little more complex 
occurs using attended transfers. I think that it was introduced in rev 

Is this really a bug? What do you think? Should I open a bug in Mantis?


Tilghman Lesher escribió:
> On Thursday 04 September 2008 16:36:39 Daniel Ferrer wrote:
>> I tested today 1.4.22-rc3, as I see it includes patch for issue #13409.
>> This patch is causing me CDR problems, I use cdr_mysql (from addons
>> package) as backend, and in a normal call A->B, this patch causes to
>> post the CDR twice, giving me a constraint key violation (uniqueid is
>> primary key in cdr table).
> Well, that may be your first problem.  Uniqueid has never been guaranteed
> to be unique across all CDRs.  It is only unique across a channel, and a
> channel may have multiple CDRs.  You need to remove that primary key,
> as its existence is based upon a faulty assumption.

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