[asterisk-dev] Another rewrite of cdr_addon_mysql

Gil Kloepfer astr-dev at kloepfer.org
Tue Oct 7 20:24:38 CDT 2008

We had a need to use the user-defined CDR variables feature of
Asterisk 1.4+ and a completely different table layout than was in
cdr_addon_mysql (asterisk-addons).  I started with the one that was
there already, but did some significant work on it as well.  Our
version has:

   o Support for all CDR fields, including user variables
   o Ability to map CDR fields to any column name
   o Times selectable for localtime or GMT in config file as in cdr_csv
   o Simplified insert using prepared statement queries
   o Allow literal strings to be put into the database when
     logging, to track hostname, for example

I've been away from the mailing lists for some time and it looks like
some other work has been done in this regard, but I wanted to make this
available in case it was useful (I hope it is).

The code and a sample config file is in:

     (cdr_addon_mysql.c, cdr_mysql.conf.sample)

I would appreciate any constructive feedback on this, particularly if
someone finds it useful.  The Asterisk installation I am responsible
for supports a large University research laboratory of about 500 people
and 900 telephones, mostly IP and some channel bank-based.  Asterisk
has been very useful for us and I would like to be able to contribute
back to the project where possible.

Please send private e-mail via astrepl <at> kloepfer(dot)org
or the e-mail address listed in the C code.

Gil Kloepfer
astrepl <@> kloepfer. org

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