[asterisk-dev] Calendaring API

Terry Wilson twilson at digium.com
Tue Oct 7 17:22:34 CDT 2008

>> It would be interesting to make this "realtime" capable, also, since
>> I expect this feature will be one of the ones that is very frequently
>> used by larger installations of Asterisk systems that are managed
>> externally.
> Agreed, this is something I think needs to be added.

Although as I think about it, it would only be able to be kind of  
realtime.  Each calendar needs to refresh every so often.  You don't  
really want to pull back the entire calendar file for every time  you  
need it as it is fairly expensive.  So you'd have to implement a  
caching system where if there was a request for information on a  
calendar you didn't know about, you go ahead and try a lookup and  
create the calendar which will set up a poll to refresh the calendar  
every so often.  Even if you can do lightweight requests for calendar  
information (like exchange/caldav) that only return partial results,  
you still have to poll far enough ahead and grab all of the  
information required for creating the notification events.  So while  
we could add new calendars via realtime, once created they would sit  
and poll.  If they were deleted from the database, there would be no  
way to purge them, unless you wanted to set up some kind of periodic  
query to the db and end the polling on any calendars that disappear  
from the list--which is admittedly kind of ugly.

I guess when the time for refresh came around you could force each  
calendar to query for its own existence in the db and remove itself if  
necessary, though.

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