[asterisk-dev] Proposed change to branch revision blocking policy

Sean Bright sean.bright at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 08:29:09 CDT 2008

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Once a 1.6.x branch has reached the release candidate phase (not when
> the branch is made), that branch is no longer a candidate for any
> changes *except* fixes for regressions in that branch.

I think we need to tow that line a little better than we have been (I might be
one of the more guilty parties in that regard).  For example, this morning I
merged a fix into 1.6.0 (r147051) that, in my mind at least, is borderline.  The
only time it would be an issue would be if someone was using a custom channel
driver that started with "DAH" and was using operator mode.  It's highly
unlikely, but possible, and wouldn't happen in 1.4 or below.  So is that a
regression?  It's a toss up.

> So, I'm proposing that once a 1.6.x branch has reached the release
> candidate phase, we stop using svnmerge to block revisions there, as it
> results in useless 'noise' commits. When there are multiple 1.6.x
> branches that have had releases, this problem would only multiply.

Typically, if it's something that requires less work on my part, than I am all
for it :)  Sounds good.

Sean Bright
sean.bright at gmail.com

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