[asterisk-dev] app_vocemail, IMAP, shared voicemail boxes

Howard Wilkinson howard at cohtech.com
Tue Oct 7 06:36:22 CDT 2008

I have set up a Cyrus server to provide IMAP service to an asterisk 
server. I am using this to provide a shared voicemail facility for a 
number of phones. This is set up with an entry for each phone in the 
voicemail.conf file as follows.

6999 => 6999,Company shared 
mailbox,company at company.com,,|imapuser=companymailbox
6998 => 6998,Company shared 
mailboz,company at company.com,,|imapuser=companymailbox

There is a master user set up for the imap as

authuser = administrator
authpassword = password

This is working and messages can be left for all of the extensions, they 
all appear in the single mailbox and MWI is working. BUT when I try to 
retrieve the messages then I can only retrieve them from the phone that 
the message was left for. I.E. 6999 messages can only be retrieved if I 
dial into 6999 mailbox.

What I would like if to be able to dial in from any of the extensions 
and retrieve all messages in the mailbox.

The problem would seem to stem from the line(s) in app_voicemail.c that 
search for "X-Asterisk-VM-Extension" headers. This uses the mailbox 
number of the dial in user to search the mailbox.

I propose a change that would allow the mailbox number for messages to 
be set when they are being left and when they are being read from a 
configuration option such as 'imapmboxid=6999' to be what this header 
gets set to and gets searched on.

If this looks like the right thing to do then I will prepare a patch and 
submit it to the list. Also, if required I will submit a bug report if 
somebody wants to assign this to me I will then keep up to date any 
experiences reported.

I hope this is the right etiquette for improvements to the asterisk base.

Regards, Howard.

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