[asterisk-dev] How to keep the connection with AMI interfaceactive?

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Mon Oct 6 20:29:15 CDT 2008

Thank you Kevin!
I added a thread to send ping action to Asterisk every 60 seconds, but the problem goes on.
Is 60 seconds too long fot keeping active? Or just sending ping is not enough?
What could I do to keep a connection active forever except Asterisk stopped?
I do think if there is no way to do that, any program for AMI is meaningless. None will put up with a software that need to be restart every few hours.

There must be a solution but I don't know, could any one give me some help? Thank you very much!
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Subject:  Re: [asterisk-dev] How to keep the connection with AMI interfaceactive?

  caif~ wrote:

> Dose Asterisk AMI close the connection with my program after a few hours?
> Do I need to keep sending ping to keep the connection active?

Yes, and yes.

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