[asterisk-dev] Asterisk on Windows (Subsystem for UNIX)

Alex Dubinsky adubinsky457 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 12:23:53 CDT 2008

> CygWin provides proper *nix compatible library support. If you aren't
familiar with CygWin, google it.

If you aren't familiar with Subsystem for UNIX Applications, google it ;)

Actually, although the libraries are a bit less complete, SUA has advantages
over cygwin as it sits on top of the kernel (ie alongside Win32 subsystem)
and provides native performance without hacky workarounds. If it got a bit
more love, windows could be a competitive unix. It's not like MS hasn't
already been a top unix vendor... (ok, now i'm flame baiting).

Anyway... I ended up realizing the purpose of those defines in lock.h, but
didn't try hard enough to wrap my mind around why they'd be triggering. Just
deleting them seemed to work. There actually weren't any entirely difficult
problems, except for a missing ioctl in the SUA libraries that I've been
promised will be added this week. So as soon as that missing piece is done,
I'll let you know if asterisk actually runs. Also, I'll try all this with
1.6, which I've been told may be easier.

The main thing I'm working on in relation to Asterisk is a G.729
implementation accelerated by CUDA (ie, NVIDIA GPUs). The CUDA part is all
done, and now I am integrating it into a daemon and an asterisk module. I'm
mostly a windows programmer, hence I'm trying to hold off switching my dev
environment (or maybe I'm just wasting time).

P.S. In relation to cygwin, does Asterisk compile on it out of the box? I
didn't investigate it too much. I tried compiling a daemon on cygwin and it
turned out I needed extra pieces to get daemons/IPC working. On SUA that
part worked right away.

-- Alex Dubinsky
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