[asterisk-dev] dahdi-linux 2.0.0 and dahdi-tools 2.0.0 released

Asterisk Development Team asteriskteam at digium.com
Thu Oct 2 13:07:52 CDT 2008

The Asterisk development team is pleased to announce the first offical release of
the Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface (DAHDI). 

The list of packages released today includes:
dahdi-linux 2.0.0
dahdi-tools 2.0.0
dahdi-linux-complete 2.0.0+2.0.0

Both dahdi-linux and dahdi-tools are required to enable DAHDI support in your
system.  You will need to install dahdi-linux first, then dahdi-tools, and
finally you can configure and make Asterisk.  dahdi-linux-complete is both
dahdi-linux and dahdi-tools combined into one download as a convenience. You still
need libpri for PRI support with Asterisk if you are using DAHDI.

DAHDI is supported by Asterisk 1.4.22 and Asterisk 1.6.0.  More detailed
information about each of the packages is below.

================== dadhi-linux-2.0.0 ============================== 

This is the first release of the DAHDI Linux kernel modules package, which
replaces the kernel modules from Zaptel. The primary purpose of this release
is to rename the package from Zaptel but in addition to several bug fixes some
of the new features are: 

* Echo cancelers can now be applied per channel and selected at configuration
* Channel memory allocation changed from one large block into smaller blocks
  in order to reduce out of memory errors on a system that has been running
  for some time.
* Layout changes to support binary packaging.
* Neon MWI support added to the wctdm24xxp driver.
* Dropped support for Linux Kernel 2.4 as well as the torisa and wcusb drivers.

For information on upgrading from Zaptel to this release, please see:

Known Issues 
* Reference counting is not currently done on echo canceler modules, and
  therefore it is possible for an administrator to unload an echo canceler
  module that is in use which could result in a crash. It is recommended to
  use /etc/init.d/dahdi start|stop to load and unload your drivers to
  eliminate exposure to this issue.  
* Cannot compile with CONFIG_DAHDI_NET or use DAHDI for data connections. 

=================== dahdi-tools-2.0.0 ============================== 

This is the first release of the DAHDI userspace tools package, which replaces
the userspace components of Zaptel. The primary purpose is to rename
components from Zaptel to DAHDI and support binary packaging.  The names and
layouts of the configuration files have also changed. Please see UPGRADE.txt
for more information.


=================== dahdi-linux-complete-2.0.0+2.0.0 =============== 

This release combines dahdi-linux and dahdi-tools into a single download,
one-package installation process.  Users who are installing DAHDI for the first
time don't have to download and install the dahdi-linux and dahdi-tools
packages separately. 

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