[asterisk-dev] AMI originate - 2 callerid (local and remote)

Stephen Coles scoles at wellpak.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 09:04:19 CST 2008

In the originate command you can set callerID - there should be 2 one
for local and one for the remote side of the connection


Am using the originate command to dial a number to my phone - I have to
set it up so my phone comes up with my extension and name for it to show
my extension and name on the phone I'm calling (unlike when you dial
direct from the phone).


I would like to show that the phone is being dialled by the computer on
my phone or even the party I'm dialling and then my name and number to
show on the remote phone


An example of the originate command with 2 caller id's:


Action: originate

Channel: SIP/220

Exten: 321654

Callerid_local: "Computer Dial: Bob Smith" <321654>

Callerid_remote: "Steve" <01231453123>

Priority: 1


This would then show Computer Dial: Bob Smith <321654> on my phone and
on the bob smith's phone (the phone number I'm dialling) Steve


Callerid_local and callerid_remote could be called CallerID_Channel and
CallerID_Exten to keep them in line with the other asterisk variables


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