[asterisk-dev] parallell app_queue backport for 1.2?

Mark Michelson mmichelson at digium.com
Thu Nov 20 13:39:58 CST 2008

Daniel Ferrer wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to know if someone's has backported 1.4 app_queue with autofill
> (parallel behaviour), to asterisk 1.2.
> It's possible ? What complexity is required ? (only backport app_queue.c
> or there are some other modules involved ?)
> I've seen also in the list a question asking for the opposite that I
> want (1.2 app_queue to 1.4).

The logic for autofill is contained entirely within app_queue.c and with the 
exception of the configuration parsing and the extra structure fields needed, 
within the function is_our_turn(). The difference is obvious if you look at the 
differences in that function between the two branches. If you wanted to backport 
the entire 1.4 app_queue.c, it would require more work since you would also have 
to backport datastores, astobj2, and stringfields, just to name a few things 
that I know to be present in 1.4.

As far as forward-porting 1.2's app_queue to 1.4, you may be able to get away 
with that by dropping 1.2's app_queue.c file into 1.4's apps/ directory and 
clearing up whatever compiler errors crop up due to core API changes between the 
major versions.

Mark Michelson

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