[asterisk-dev] function ARRAY slows asterisk down

Theo Belder tbelder at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 10:38:15 CST 2008

I wondering whether that removing autoservice in this case would be such a
good idea.
Since the Set(ARRAY()) function is also used in combination of func_odbc to
set multiple entries from a database lookup.
Obviously an ODBC lookup might also block for an appreciable period of time.
If this is indeed the case, then the autoservice should also be called
during a normal Set(). Am I mistaken?

2008/11/20 Russell Bryant <russell at digium.com>

> Theo Belder wrote:
> > Please could somebody tell me why the autoservice is used for the
> > function and why the autoservice slows down asterisk.
> The channel must be put in autoservice if code being run might block for
> an appreciable period of time (database lookup, ENUM lookup, etc.).  In
> this case, the code for the ARRAY() function does no such thing.
> Channel autoservice should be removed in this case.
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