[asterisk-dev] Link reliability issues on DAHDI

Felipe Bergo fbergo at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 07:54:21 CST 2008


update on the issue: the problem I reported initially has been solved and
had very little to do with dahdi or the digium board itself.

The motherboard in the test system uses an Intel ICH7 SATA controller which
provides some sort of IDE emulation even for SATA HDs. The Linux generic IDE
driver was grabbing the device early, and the disk was being accessed with
DMA disabled (and hdparm would refuse to turn it on due to driver
limitations). After disabling the generic IDE driver and having the
controller attached to the proper ata_piix kernel driver, te205p/dahdi begun
to work properly with our ISUP/mtp3/mtp2 tests, with negligible error rate.

Thanks for the help and for the tips on ELAST/event queue behavior,

-- Felipe Bergo
Labcom Sistemas, Campinas, SP, Brazil.
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