[asterisk-dev] Originate on AMI

Martin Smith martins at bebr.ufl.edu
Fri Nov 14 14:56:35 CST 2008

> Actually, it will let you do just that, if you use the Local 
> channel, which
> allows origination from a specific context/extension.
> -- 
> Tilghman

I agree with Tilghman's local channel suggestion, but it's tripped up
some of our Asterisk-Java users as the local channel originate succeeds
immediately, sometimes even before the second 'real' Dial() happens :)

Thus, we couldn't abstract any AMI "Originate" commands to a higher
level, since the user's local channel arguments meant we couldn't track
and guarantee a callback on success/failure. It requires direct dialplan
knowledge in order to track (track through AMI) the Originates that use
a local channel.

Some food for thought -- I wish we could abstract it for them, but I
honestly can't think of any better solutions :)

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