[asterisk-dev] ISDN Cause Code 100, Bosch Integral Management Connection

Wolfgang Pichler wpichler at yosd.at
Fri Nov 14 03:07:47 CST 2008

Hi all,

i now have some further information about the whole thing...

The new pri debug does contain the setup from the pstn - setup 
acknowledge - new setup to siemens - release from siemens


The main differences (as far as i can see)
The original setup does contain no user information layer bit - the new 
setup does
The original setup does contain two calling numbers, the user provided 
number and the network number - the new setup does only contain the user 
provided number
The original setup does have at the called number numbering plan 1 - 
isdn numbering plan - the new setup does have 0 = unknown

I have dialed with Zap/gx/c99 - i have also tried with the c - don't 
worry about that

So there are some differences

The numbering plan issue could get fixed by setting the numbering plan 
(may i also set the numbering plan before i create the new call - so 
that it does not affect all calls ?)
The user information bit thing - i have no idea what this is...
About the two numbers we get - maybe the siemens is restricting the 
incoming call to 99 to the network provided number ?

Some suggestions how to proceed would be very helpfull

And - i am not sure - is this more a -dev or -users question ?


Michael Neuhauser schrieb:
> On Mit, 2008-11-05 at 09:42 +0100, Wolfgang Pichler wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> we have the following setup
>> PSTN 3 PRI Lines   <--->  Asterisk (1.4.22)   <--->  Siemens  HiCom   
>> <--->   Bosch Integral
>> The Asterisk Machine does play the man in the middle - and adds some 
>> extra functionality to the system (SIP users...) - the normal calls are 
>> getting 1:1 through the system (incoming calls from PSTN are handled by 
>> a simple Dial(ZAP/g1/${EXTEN}) (g1 = Siemens side) - so no special 
>> handling here...
>> Everything is working as it should - beside of one little thing. The 
>> Bosch Integral PBX does have a special extension (99) which is used to 
>> remote manage the machine - this managment connection is working fine 
>> without asterisk, as soon as asterisk is connected in the middle the 
>> management connection wont work any more - getting back isdn cause code 
>> 100. I have already tried dial options d und c (make it digital - clear 
>> channel) - no success.
> Cause 100 is 'invalid IE contents'.
> This part of the outgoing SETUP
>> [Nov  5 08:49:22] VERBOSE[1815] logger.c: > Bearer Capability (len= 5) [Ext: 1  Q.931 Std: 0  Info transfer capability: Unrestricted digital information (8)
>> [Nov  5 08:49:22] VERBOSE[1815] logger.c: >                              Ext: 1  Trans mode/rate: 64kbps, circuit-mode (16)
>> [Nov  5 08:49:22] VERBOSE[1815] logger.c: >                                User information layer 1: Unknown (63)
> looks wrong to me: the value of the User information layer 1 (63 = '11
> 1111') is a reserved value. Furthermore, the Q.931 standard says:
>         If the transfer mode is “circuit mode”, and if the information
>         transfer capability is “unrestricted digital information”
>         or “restricted digital information”; and if the user information
>         layer 1 protocol is to be identified only to the addressed
>         entity
>         octet 5 shall be omitted.
> This seems to apply to the given problem (but I'm not 100% sure how
> "and .. is to be identified only to the addressed entity" is to be
> interpreted).
> So maybe the Siemens PBX does not like the presence of the user
> information layer 1 protocol octet or the specific value. It would be
> interesting to see the original SETUP from the PSTN, especially if it
> contains a User information layer 1 protocol octet.

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