[asterisk-dev] Fw: GSM number passing

Youliy Ninov yni at ucpbx.com
Tue Nov 11 05:29:47 CST 2008

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> On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 12:08:04PM +0200, Youliy Ninov wrote:
>> Hi Guys!
>> I have the following problem and would like to ask you for some help.
>> I produced a GSM module for our VoIP PBX (check www.ucpbx.com).
>> The driver that I have to modify communicates with zaptel but 
>> unfortunately
>> it was meant to work with FXO/FXS s only,
> Yikes. GSM is digital. Asterisk is digital. Why use an analog media in
> between?

The GSM module (SIM340) that we use does not have a TDM interface (that is
one of the reasons why it is so inexpensive!), so I use a codec in between.

> Compare that to ztgsm and libgsmat from bristuff.
I will check it,thanks.

>> so zaptel does not pass the
>> GSM telephone number to call explicitly to my driver. The way I see it, 
>> it
>> is done by inband communication. Unfortunately, I need the tel.number
>> explicitly  because my GSM module acts as an FXO, but not exactly. I have
>> to dial the number first.
> Sounds like a different signalling mode?
At present Asterisk/Zaptel assume that there is an FXO module present. Since 
it is
a GSM module in fact, all types of signalling passed to the module are 

>> I will be glad and thankful if you can point me out to some piece of code 
>> or at least
>> give me some piece of advise!
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