[asterisk-dev] Problems with RTCP

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Thu Nov 6 09:31:13 CST 2008

6 nov 2008 kl. 16.15 skrev Atis Lezdins:

> I wonder would it be possible to append RTCP responses to CDR, as Dial
> is producing separate CDRs for each channel involved. So each channel
> could have their own RTCP stats.

That was my original proposal, alongside with the channel variables.  
Only channel
variables got a response. Well, much have happened since then and we  
now have
many CDR drivers with CDR variable support, so we could easily pop it  
a new field, like RTPQOS-audio-in, RTPQOS-audio-out. The problem as  
always is
that so much can happen during the call, the out-channel can become an  
Someone that knows more about CDRs propably needs to figure out how to  
handle that.

Anyway, I like putting them in CDRs. Or in a separate table. We could  
propably use
realtime for that, so if you've enabled realtime with connection name  
we would save SIP call ID and the RTP stats for audio and video in the  
That might be easier to accomplish, then you have to store the SIP  
call ID in the
CDR fields in the dialplan and you can match later on.

Just brainstorming - any other ideas out there?

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