[asterisk-dev] Backport of linear queue strategy for 1.4?

Mark Michelson mmichelson at digium.com
Mon Nov 3 12:33:11 CST 2008

Tony Mountifield wrote:
> Does anyone know where I might find a backport to 1.4 of the "linear"
> queue strategy in app_queue.c?
> Googling didn't turn up anything except a comment from someone that such
> a backport existed.
> Cheers
> Tony


I posted a patch to implement the linear strategy in 1.4. The patch is called 
7279v1.4.patch. Of course, I must mention that the strategy is completely 
unsupported in 1.4 and that the patch may not even apply cleanly, compile, or 
function properly due to the many changes to app_queue which have occurred since 
the patch was originally written.

Mark Michelson

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