[asterisk-dev] chan_ooh323 - use at your own risk?

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Fri May 23 16:55:51 CDT 2008

Tony wrote:
> I was just looking through the code for
> chan_ooh323.c and came across a log
> message in load_module() that says:

> "This module is currently unsupported.
> Use it at your own risk."

> This raised a few questions in my mind:

> 1. At whose risk do I use other parts of
> asterisk? i.e. how does this differ?
> I thought the risk was mine anyway....

> 2. Why was it felt necessary to include the
> statement? Is there any implication
> regarding the acceptance of and action on
> bug reports?
The only issues I have had in recent months
with this channel would be when an core API
changed, and the change would not make it
into chan_ooh323.  The couple times it happened
it was quickly fixed once it was pointed out.

> I've just started using chan_ooh323
> (admittedly on Asterisk 1.2) and found it
> feels much cleaner and snappier than the
> other H.323 implementations I have tried in
> the past (I never got chan_h323 to work, and
> chan_oh323 was a bloated resource hog). So
> it would be a pity to see chan_ooh323 stagnate.
> I have a couple of pending bug reports and/or
> patches to submit.

I also found the code easier to follow, and tweak.
I've run it on 1.2, trunk between 1.2 and 1.4 and
now 1.4.  When I make the leap to 1.6, I may just
drop it for SIP.  Cisco has fixed most of the
quirks in their SIP stack on CCM and I do not really
need H.323 anymore.

BUT, other than not needing to use H.323, I have had
no major issues with chan_ooh323 in a very long time.


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