[asterisk-dev] Asterisk 1.6 Realtime Database must use ', ' not '|' (was: Re: asterisk-dev Digest, Vol 46, Issue 47)

Atis Lezdins atis at iq-labs.net
Fri May 23 13:07:19 CDT 2008

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 8:44 PM, Matthew Rubenstein <email at mattruby.com> wrote:
>        Breaking an API, especially one so fundamental but buried in nested SQL
> code/strings as the DB field delimiter, is a very drastic step. Even if
> deprecation of the old API were clearly documented (and I haven't seen
> yet that it is, in a practical way), complaints from people whose code
> depends on the old API should of course be heeded by the developers. So
> far the justification has been that it's a feature that benefits future
> Asterisk users, but there's no weigh in against the costs to existing
> Asterisk users.
>        A well supported product would include a tool for upgrading SW that's
> dependent on a deprecated API into the new API, to mitigate the costs to
> existing users. Such a tool, even a rudimentary one that works only on
> bundled example code, would probably find a lot more third party
> contributions to making it work on other code in the wild than is just
> the "my way or the highway" insistence that complaints about the API
> change come with patches or be ignored.
>        There are all kinds of "open". Some open projects are read only, some
> are read/write to a closed group, some are read/write to the public. And
> read/write can apply to the code, to the repository of separate
> contributions, to the documentation. And to the design and policy
> process, "open minded". Asterisk is generally more open minded than this
> API change and the manner of its design is playing out.

Following this thread, but don't want to participate flame-war.. It's
not comfortable for me to change (as i want ability to roll-back from
1.6 immediately), but here's a convert tool (supposing you don't
really have TAB in your realtime config):

UPDATE extensions_table SET appdata=REPLACE(appdata,'\|',CHAR(9));
UPDATE extensions_table SET appdata=REPLACE(appdata,',','\,');
UPDATE extensions_table SET appdata=REPLACE(appdata,'|',',');
UPDATE extensions_table SET appdata=REPLACE(appdata,CHAR(9),'|');


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