[asterisk-dev] VNAK storms in 1.2-SVN (was Re: Asterisk 1.4.20-rc1 Now Available)

Nic Bellamy nicb-lists at vadacom.co.nz
Thu May 8 20:22:54 CDT 2008

Russell Bryant wrote:
> Steve Davies wrote:
>> Can I assume that the IAX code in branches/1.2 is worth testing now?
>> Or is it still a Work-in-Progress?
> Yes, it is ready for testing.
Hi Russell,
    using branches/1.2 as of SVN rev 115572 today, I've had another VNAK 
storm incident; this was with the SVN-branch version talking to 1.2.24.

The 1.2.24 box:

May  9 13:02:04 DEBUG[2295] chan_iax2.c: Received VNAK: resending 
outstanding frames
[ several hundred per second ]

The SVN branch box:

May  9 13:02:04 DEBUG[17794] chan_iax2.c: Raw Hangup, 
src=0, dst=5
[ several hundred per second ]

No calls were going over the link, but 1.2.24 registers to svn-1.2, and 
both ends have qualify=yes.

Unfortunately, since I had to roll this back fast as fast can be, I 
didn't get full packet traces or iax debug output for this - if you 
can't make heads nor tails of this without such info, let me know and 
I'll have a go at breaking it again over the weekend.


Nic Bellamy,
Head Of Engineering, Vadacom Ltd - http://www.vadacom.co.nz/

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