[asterisk-dev] Libpri version for 1.6 Asterisk

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Thu May 8 15:22:14 CDT 2008

Public Service Announcement :-)

Just to make it clear to everyone who may be confused by the recent 
libpri activity (removal of the 1.6.0-beta tarball and links, among 
other things), a mistake was made when the libpri-1.6.0-beta tarball was 

We are not planning on releasing a 1.6 version of libpri, but instead 
you need to use the recently released version 1.4.4 of libpri with 
Asterisk 1.6.  There were not big enough changes for Asterisk 1.6 to 
require a major ABI change release of libpri, so instead most of the 1.6 
specific functions were back ported to the 1.4 branch of libpri 
(including BRI support, as well as a few other things such as TBCT for 

For Zaptel, you still only need a 1.4 release.

Hope that clears the air a bit for anyone out there who were not aware 
of what was going on.

Matthew Fredrickson
Software/Firmware Engineer
Digium, Inc.

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