[asterisk-dev] search order for pattern matching for includes?

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Wed May 7 07:41:32 CDT 2008

> __________________________________
> ell, before we go into *why* we do it the way we do it, let's just
> clarify how Asterisk actually does its extension matching.  Since at
> least Asterisk version 1.0, the system looks recursively for a  
> matching
> extension in the following order:
> 1) An exact match in the current context
> 2) A pattern match in the current context
> 3) A match on any switch statements
> 4) A match in the first included context (which we'll call A in the
> example below)
> 4a) A match in the first context included in A (which we'll call AA in
> the example below), following this same set of rules.
> 5) A match in the second included context (B in the example below)
> and so forth.

Actually, you can make it even more detailed, since matching on Caller  
IDs also play a role here.
Replace step 1 with this:

1. Exact match on extension and caller ID
2. Exact match on extension and pattern match on Caller ID
3. Exact match on extension (caller ID not matched)

etc etc etc.


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