[asterisk-dev] hints and BLF behaving strange in 1.4.18/19

Rus V. Brushkoff rus at SoyuzKT.Od.UA
Mon May 5 02:27:16 CDT 2008

On Mon, 5 May 2008, Antonio Gallo wrote:

:Rus V. Brushkoff ha scritto:
:>  It is self written Asterisk-to-Aastra BLF manager, using XML scripts, 
:> so I have no limits for BLF's against 50 limited in Aastra phones.
:You need to monitor more then 50 extensions on 1 single phone?

 50 is low for our apps - we has 57i's with 3 536M (36 * 3 = 108 users), 
besides presense monitoring BLF used to activate/manage special 
conferences - admin mutes/unmutes users pressing a BLF key, the lamp is 
using to indicate user state - present/unmuted/wants to talk.



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