[asterisk-dev] hints and BLF behaving strange in 1.4.18/19

Rus V. Brushkoff rus at SoyuzKT.Od.UA
Sat May 3 02:17:33 CDT 2008

On Fri, 2 May 2008, John Lange wrote:

:We have recently taken the plunge and begun installing or upgraded our
:clients to the 1.4.x strain of Asterisk.:
:Clients are now reporting some very strange behaviour with the way hints
:and BLF indications are working with reception phones.
:Some calls show no call progress indication or continue to show
:indications long after calls are answered or hungup.
:However, now it takes asterisk a very long time to get all the lights
:lit up and then they stay stuck that way for up to a full hour. It seems
:something has gone wrong with the way Asterisk handles hints making it
:very slow and inefficient.


:As you can see, the notify for ringing is sent to the device
:0008000000f8x1, but all the further progress messages are "queued" and
:remain that way long after the page is completed.

 I see this too on latest asterisk versions. The fast solution found - 
open 'asterisk -R' on some console - all the 'queued' messages begin to 
deliver as fast as should.

:In our example only the Aastra 57i with 560M sidecar was tested. It's
:not so easy to swap out the switchboard but it can be done if the
:problem is suspected to be in the console itself.

Strange, it doesn't depend from the console loglevel - the problem 
remains even if the console is silent while BLF is changing.



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