[asterisk-dev] Asterisk "moh reload" causes music to not work properly until the next "moh reload"

Fernando Urzedo Fernando.Urzedo at locaweb.com.br
Thu Jul 31 19:43:23 CDT 2008


I have recently upgraded to Asterisk and found the following
issue. When I put a bridged SIP channel on hold, it starts to listen to
the music on hold configured in the parameter "mohsuggest" of my sip
peer. However, If I issue a "moh reload" command during the
conversation, the next time I try to put that same channel on hold, it
will not listen any MOH. If I issue again "moh reload", then the bridged
channel starts to listen the MOH again, when put on hold. And so on...

Why does this happen? Is there any Manager command that reloads the new
MOH configuration without causing this weird behaviour on the channels
on hold at the moment the command is issued?

Thanks in advance!

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