[asterisk-dev] zaptel and callerid in ESTI DTMF

Denis V. Gudtsov denis at tangotel.ru
Tue Jul 22 05:36:31 CDT 2008


I'm using Asterisk 1.4.18 (I've tried 1.4.19,1.4.21 too) and zaptel
version 1.4.11. Card is "Digium Wildcard TDM800P", with driver
wctdm24xxp. From Asterisk side this card has FXS ports, and FXO from
outside. I've connect to them GSM-FXO gateway Benq C5 APC-868
(http://www.kontec.ru/c5.php). The problem is that this equipment sends
caller id information in format 'ESTI DTMF', which is not compatible
with parameter 'cidsignalling = dtmf' in 'zapata.conf'. So, Asterisk
didn't receive callerid information from device. I've tried to use all
available zones in zaptel.conf and all allowed parametrs in
'cidsignalling' and 'cidstart' but there were no differences.

Are anyone has faced with this or similar trouble? How to force Asterisk
(may be by editing/tuning the sources)?

Denis V. Gudtsov
tel +7 (3412) 916-500, 916-503
icq# 158668135
denis at tangotel.ru ; www.tangotel.ru

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