[asterisk-dev] How Register to ONE SIP provider with Multi Accounts

jiangtao jiangtao at tom.com
Fri Jul 18 02:41:52 CDT 2008

I'm using asterisk 1.4.21 and a problem with sip reg server


register => 07070480800:01a732rb6 at
register => 07070480801:7d91903aq at
register => 07070480802:90ewg708a at
register => 07070480803:11er9e8b1 at
register => test1:123456 at
auth=07070480800:01a732rb6 at laon.com
auth=07070480801:7d91903aq at laon.com
auth=07070480802:90ewg708a at laon.com
auth=07070480803:11er9e8b1 at laon.com
auth=test1:123456 at test

and in sip show registry               07070480803           360 Auth. Sent               07070480802           360 Auth. Sent               07070480801           360 Auth. Sent               07070480800           345 Registered                test1                 345 Registered  

when I register one account of 07070480800 ~07070480804 that work ok

how can I seting sip.conf let 4 account regist work on ?!

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