[asterisk-dev] DTMF Relay

Venefax venefax at gmail.com
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But the question is: if I don't know in advance, how do I set it in sip.conf
to let the device use either? In a Cisco router, any device can use any of
the programmed DTMF relay modes, which can be up to 4.
Can we please change the architecture to set both methods in sip.conf and
let all devices use whatever method they choose?

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On Jul 10, 2008, at 10:34 PM, Venefax wrote:

> I think that Asterisk must support two different DTMF Relay  
> technologies
> simultaneously, INFO and RFC2833. All Ciscos do support more than  
> one mode
> at the same time. I mean, in the configuration file, we should be  
> able to
> write this:
> Dtmfmode=info,rf2833
> I have big business issues from the fact that many phones and  
> softphones
> support RFC2833 while other brands only support INFO.
> Philip

Which is why you can set the dtmfmode on a per-device basis.  So one  
phone can have one setting, and another something else.


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