[asterisk-dev] XML documentation of apps/functions/the_rest_of_the_world

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Wed Jul 9 07:11:33 CDT 2008

Michiel van Baak wrote:
> On 10:14, Wed 09 Jul 08, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
>> How can I refer to other parts of the documentation in a specific
>> document? e.g.: (let me dream for a minute) "for other parameters of this 
>> application, see doc:apps/app_dial#options").
> The description is a text field.
> If you add some special string in it your script that generates
> html/pdf/whatever output has to interpret it.
> It's probably a good idea to agree on a format for those markers, so
> everyone is adding it the same way.

Can we come up with a way to add references in the XML schema, instead 
of within the documentation text?

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