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Michiel van Baak michiel at vanbaak.info
Tue Jul 8 12:42:41 CDT 2008

On 14:20, Tue 08 Jul 08, Caio Begotti wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Jul 2008 20:02:08 +0300
> Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com> wrote:
> > Where is the documentation stored? How is it generated? What about
> > external modules? What about modules of which an original version
> > exists in the tree but I load a different version from elsewhere?
> And how the multilanguage support works right now (or will do)? :-)

Instead of having a single *descrip in the source we can now define
multiple blocks of documentation for an application.
As an example I added dutch documentation to the ChanIsAvail
          <application name="ChanIsAvail" language="en">
		  <application name="ChanIsAvail" language="nl">

In /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf there's a new item under [options] called
If not set, it will default to en
If set, it will look for a node with the specified language once the
application is loaded. If that language node exists, it will use that
for the documentation. If not, it will fall back to english.

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