[asterisk-dev] Caller/connected line ID updates * I NEED YOUR INPUT!!!

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Tue Jul 8 10:55:46 CDT 2008

8 jul 2008 kl. 15.21 skrev Timo Teräs:

> Russell Bryant wrote:
>> Mario Goegel wrote:
>>> What about a control frame? I thought too about this thing - it  
>>> would be
>>> a nice to have feature in my QSIG code - maybe it wasn't thought for
>>> this, but isn't the control frame a frame from endpoint to endpoint?
>>> So every channel could do it on his own way.
>> Yes, that is probably going to be the most logical way to do it.
>> It can probably be a new control frame type, CALLERID_UPDATE, with a
>> payload that contains the connected party ID information.  Multiple
>> protocols we support in Asterisk today have ways to then pass it on.
> I posted bug 12357 about the libpri changes for implementing the
> QSIG connected line stuff. It's still missing the possibility to
> update the name after a transfer, but I'm working on that. Also I
> noticed some problems with charset conversions when dispatching QSIG
> call to SIP client and getting those updates. Otherwise the patch
> works perfectly.
> You should check out that and the chan_zap patch from bug 8824.

Thanks, I did not consider Q.SIG. I need to add that and a reference
to your bug report to my document.

So Q.SIG sends an update in relation to a transfer? Interesting.
I found that EuroISDN only does it at call setup. That gives
Q.SIG an advantage I wasn't aware on (being the SIP guy)
when connecting to an oldfashioned office PBX.

We need to get all these patches into one branch.


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